Basketball Music: The Pick and Roll – In the Key of CP3

The Pick and Roll

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The art of writing song can be long and full of self torment.  You desperately look for influence in every day life.

For example: When I wrote my hit R&B song called “Tiger Fight” I was desperate for musical influence.   I would just go strolling through the mall, seeking some reason for the following line.

“She’s crouched up like a sexy tiger.

Oh.  Whoa -oh -uh- oh.

Feel the claws.  Candle light.

Lady cat.  Tiger fight.


You see?  Writing music is hard.  It took me eating six Auntie Anne’s Pretzels before I came up with that line.

But sometimes, once in a baby blue moon (sorry… still in R&B mode) – something comes along that sparks your soul and opens a flood of song.  You are able to write without any blockade – just a free spirit with mother music.

This happened to me when I was browsing Chris Paul Youtube Videos.  I came across this beautiful Pick and Roll situation that Chris Paul conducted.  I saw the basketball floor as the sheet music and each bounce a note of music.

So I present to you the music that was influenced/ co-written by Chris Paul:

The Pick and RollNotes: The notes are influenced by the meaning of the musical symbols but also the musical symbols, visually, reminding me of things.  

  • It starts out piano which is part of what makes the play/song brilliant.  No need to rush or slow it down.  A steady pace is better.
  • The whole note indicates the rebound and the tie is the outlet pass.
  • Three dribbles on the top bar (top baseline) with the right with a quick switch left.
  • You think Paul might begin making his move with the sharp through-the legs / behind the back crossover.  This is why the crescendo and decrescendo happens so quickly.
  • One steady dribble and then a fermata comes in.  Notice Paul’s slight hesitation with Scola on him.  It’s like a momentary pause.
  • Two quick dribbles towards the middle of the court (sheet music).
  • Finally a gigantic tie across the page symbolizing another signature alley-oop

CP3 Masterpiece!

(Note: I’ve never written music on sheet music in my life.  Errors probably occurred.)   


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    that’s a Clever piece (of Sh*t) lol, it’lll be a master piece and will play in every cliiper game.

  • Reply December 28, 2012


    I agree with Miggy, this is a clever piece of sh*t lol.

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