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Happy Wednesday!

This is where we take a look at the funny/obvious/beautiful things said around and about the basketball world!

Much like Cocky-Barry from last night’s town hall debate who said ” This is a very good question” then proceeded with his question… we in fact think this is a very good post.  We shall proceed


-Breaking news coming out of Washington where Jordan Crawford dropped a bomb on the media by saying, “I want to make the playoffs”

– Coming from Tim McMahon with ESPN Dallas : When pressed about Delonte situation, Uncle Rick (Carlisle) told me to download King of Anything: “It’s a song about minding your own f—- business.”

– ESPN The Mag names Javale Mcgee “The NBA’s most bizarre player”.  Javale’s alter-ego Pierre calls this ludicrous.

– Jason Terry calls J.J. Barea, “J.J. Barera”… just like my step uncle Wayne.

– Steve Kerr had used to write “F.I”, which stood for “F*** It”, on his shoes.

– According to Russell Westbrook “Why not Wednesdays are back.”  We have a team of 74 college interns trying to confirm this.

– Royce Young with The Daily Thunder wonders “Who plays Nick Collison in the movie adaptation of @TPisme’s post-apocalyptic diary?”  His suggestion is  John Krasinski.  We approve.  Click here to read the diary. 

-Dwain Price from The Ft. Worth Star Telegram reports that “O.J. Mayo wants to be an all around player”.  Mavs fans worried that he wanted to a partial player are rejoicing.

-According to Zach Low with – “Byron Mullins took 10  3-pointers  last night. ”

– Darren Williams tweeted “Are you a shower person wanting to ditch the only bathtub in your house?”

– Deron Williams (PG for The Brooklyn Nets) tweeted “Proud of how our guys played today especially to close out the game! #Heart”

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