Dirk Finally Gets Permission to Celebrate

dirk celebrate2

dirk celebrate2


Big news regarding Dirk Nowitzki – coming from Reddit.com

Dirk Nowitzki hasn’t been sleeping much since he’s been in the NBA.  The truth is – he’s been celebrating his 3 pointers… without persmision.


Meet “dipcity”

He is a Blazers fan, a  Reddit user – and my pick for “Entertainer of the Year” in our annual “Comment Section Awards.”   Here is an example of a comment of his.

The beauty lies above the red.


Reddita 3


To be fair, if I could dunk – that would be my come-back to everything.  For example:


Can you do the dishes, honey?


I can dunk!

Man, that would be sweet…

Back to the story!

This all started in a game thread for the Mavs/Blazers game on Reddit.   Someone wasn’t too fond of the way that Dirk celebrated after hitting a 3-pointer in the Mavericks loss to the Blazers.




ShawnSpring was clearly not happy with the celebration – which is very common to those who aren’t fans of Dirk.  He’s German and it’s weird.

That’s when cocsukr chimed in – hinting at the fact that Dirk commonly celebrates in this manner after hitting a 3 pointer.


Finally – dipcity comes in to set the record straight as well as offer Dirk a VERY nice gesture.


Reddita 2




Ballerball reached out to Dirk for comment.  All he did was send us these…


ray jay

nick cage



This is huge news because up until now – Dirk has NEVER  had permission from dipcity to celebrate. To receive this honor is something that very few NBA players ever experience.

You have to believe that Dirk is finally getting that good night sleep he’s been seeking for so many years.

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