#AnthonyBennett #Ugh

bennet cover

Eight months ago, the Cavs landed the #1 pick in the NBA draft and I deliriously wrote this. A month later, they shocked the world and selected UNLV Power Forward (or whatever he is) Anthony Bennett first overall.  16 wins, 28 losses, 12 DNPs, and 2.4 points per game later, his first season has been an unmitigated disaster. Rather than try to capture just how woeful it has been myself, I decided to turn to the journalist closest to the debacle: Cavs beat writer Mary Schmitt Boyer. Here is a Twitter chronicle of  #AnthonyBennett to date. #Ugh.

Chandler 1

Chandler 3

Chandler 2

Chandler 1

#AnthonyBennett. #Ugh.

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