Andre Drummond & iCarly Conversations

andre: hey ya!
iCarly: 3000! you called! where are you ???
andre: the i-Dianapolis
iCarly: ‘i’–okay ya! …what’s that sound in the background?!?
andre: nothing
iCarly: there is something i hear it? who’s there? somebody’s laughing?
andre: BJ7 he the one
iCarly: branyan!!!!
iCarly: what happened? tell me, what happened?
andre: you know nothing
iCarly: waddya mean nothing??? tell me what?
andre: girl, i can’t, you know
more laughter, hard 
iCarly: no baby, ya told me you wouldn’t anymore! you can’t do this
andre: girl…(laughs)
iCarly: you can’t! please andy you can’t!
andre: i mean they’re on a boat now! they’re own yacht boat with their own girls!
iCarly: please stop it….please
andre: good luck with that…
disruption on phone
BJ7: you can’t contain the hulk dre! he goan to watch the suite life: on deck if he want and he want!
andre: fine, you making me go back to wizards of waverly, now you want that? is that what you want?
iCarly: no, come on, andy, please….hey?
end of call
andre: where are you livin girl?
iCarly: i’m still lookin…i’m getting close though
andre: ya called those gas mask dudes?
iCarly: they’re like really into their art
andre: i know girl, i know. ya an artist too.
iCarly: but they’re like really into their art, and they make no money. how do we live without money?
andre: i don’t know girl. i’m part of the .05 percent.
iCarly: how about…ann arbor?
andre: ya trying to go to college?!? why? girl, you mastered the beauty perfection art class, ya hear?
iCarly: it seems nice, like perfect, like the place i could never be but really want to be, do you know what i mean?
andre: naw i got nothing
iCarly: i also want a volt
andre: girl….
end of call

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