Andre Drummond & iCarly Conversations: Say It Ain’t So

dre drum


A few minutes after this broke:

Andre: Yo
iCarly: Got nothin to say to you
Andre: For history, let’s just see where this broke bad.
iCarly: When you made me stand on a toilet to make out
Andre: From there it was just hell on wheels I think
iCarly: After that none of our selfies got past 500 likes, maybe we just weren’t that into it?
Andre: That was one rubicon I couldn’t crack.
iCarly: But then…how’d those pics get on TMZ?
Andre: Girl, that wasn’t me, I ain’t no mad men
iCarly: We should each admit something that didn’t work. The Wall Street Journal was a bad idea, none of my friends read that so I didn’t get the bump in respect I was looking for.
Andre: Probably green lighting Low Winter Sun was a bad move.
iCarly: Anything else?
Andre: Walking Dead is working out okay this season.

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