Andre Drummond & iCarly Conversations: Christmas Part 2

drummond 2
Andre: Girl, you present be slammin.
iCarly: You LOVE it, huh!
Andre: Yeah, girl, but I mean…wow oh wow….
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: This Pope! And this dope! I wanna thank you…I just smashed Stuck in the balls!
iCarly: I mean let’s be like mature…we’re all like old now and make MILLIONS of dollars like we always knew we would.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: No, I mean I punched him in the ball pit.
Andre: Smitty he be all cray cray hanging on the nets then bopping us on the heads. Biggups he don’t know what to do…He just yellin for us to take off our shoes.
iCarly: I mean, I’m SO happy that you love it, i mean it was kinda pricey, but you’re TOTALLY worth it.
Andre: How’d you get it in the backyard?
iCarly: On that last road trip out west…
Andre: And these Big Macs for real? Everyday for real?
iCarly: I mean, I had to pay a franchise fee and go through a few weeks of owner training and set up an LLC and then do manager interviews but you know, NO BIGGIE for my iANDY!
Andre: You off the chain girl this better than Madden 25 for sure.
iCarly: Wait…you just wanted a video game?
Andre: Yeah.
iCarly: But your text said “playplace for games and balls.”
Andre: Yeah, you right, right, you know the PlayPlace 4. For Madden 25 and FIFA. Games with balls.
iCarly: But that’s a PLAYSTATION.
Andre: It’s cool girl, you don’t have to get me one till next month, but hold up fries done!

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