Andre Drummond & iCarly Conversations: Christmas Part 1

drummon carly
iCarly: Andy… what’s going on?
Andre: mmmmhhhhmmmmm…who there?
iCarly: There’s like this woman, she’s in a wedding dress…
Andre: That’s tight, right?
iCarly: She’s carrying…like a huge box….
Andre: Open it! Open it!
iCarly: Ok…hold on…
shuffling...crunch of wrapping paper…
iCarly: (shrill screams…) ACCCCKKKKK. OH. EM. GEE. AHHNN-DRAY!!!
Andre: ….you know it right, girl, you know it!
Andre: You aight? Hella? What’up?
Voice: Um, Mr. Drummond?
Andre: This my boo Margot?
Margot: Yep, this is Margot. It’s about….well, she fainted.
Andre: Get’her up!
Margot: Okay, I’ll try….
background…Miss, you feeling like yourself, hello? Miss….
iCarly: Andy, what is this squishy thing? An octopus…a squid?
Margot: It’s a squid, miss.
Andre: Crazy, right? Where the time at? Where the time at? No, Younotgonnableevethis…! The window! The window!
iCarly: Wait, are those dancers? In black and white tights?
Andre: Snap, Merry Christmas girl! MERRY. LOVIN. CHRISTMAS.
iCarly: Andy…This isn’t what I was expecting.
Andre: I know, girl, sorry. I been aiming for whale, I couldn’t get it, not nowhere, and those Deadliest Catch bros ain’t no help.
iCarly: I asked for the Noah Baumbach Box Set.
Andre: I mean I couldn’t get no ark neither.
iCarly: He’s a director. He makes films. The Squid And The WhaleMargot at The WeddingFrances Ha is a movie about dancers.
Andre: Those dancers are named Frances! For real. My boy Pelinka called all over…
iCarly: I just wanted the movies, Andy…I’m trying to you know, understand what it’s really like to be…like, you know get respect and be a free spirit animal in my art.
Andre: I love you too, girl. This is for real, I know it.
end of conversation

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