An Investigation for George Stephanopoulos : Bill Russell or Morgan Freeman?


My pal, George Stephanopoulos, has been catching some heat for the following video.


Now some people out there want to say that the man in the video is really NBA and Celtics great, Bill Russell.

This is tough.  I don’t blame George for this.  I honestly can’t tell who that is.  Let’s take a look back at some of Morgan Freeman’s best films to find out for ourselves.


Driving Miss. Daisy 


Bill Ms. Daisy



Glory – 1989


Bill Glory



Shawshank Redemption – 1994


Bill Shawshank



Se7en – 1995


bill seven



Bruce Almighty – 2003


Bill Bruce Almighty



Batman Begins (Movie Franchise) – 2005 -2012


Bill Batman



Invictus – 2009


Bill Real Invictus




Wow.  Great line of work.  To find more films involving Morgan Freeman, check out his IMDB Page.




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