An Examination of NBA Awesomeness: Jimmy Butler Saves The World



The red that Chicago will be seeing soon is finally going to have that welcoming rosy glow to it once more. Englewood’s Finest will strap on the Adidas and go to work. He’ll get back to completing some of the more ridiculously acrobatic layups the league has ever seen and Goran Dragic has probably already begun to dig a nice, deep hole he can go hide in. No way he’s not crippled with PTSD after that. The chopper sounds aren’t real, Goran. And all the while in Chicago and through the Basketball Nation there will be many words spilled out onto computer screens about the return of the crown prince of Trump Tower.

For now, though, let’s talk about the guy on the team that the world fell in love with last offseason. Let’s talk about the quiet cowboy. The Marquette Monster. I’m saying, let’s talk about Jimmy Butler.

These were Butler’s stats during the Heat series last season.

15.6 PPG

6.4 RPG

2.2 AST

42.1% 3FG%

95.2% FT%

Oh, and young James effectively guarded the league and Finals MVP, a fully loaded mutant cheetah-legged space rhinoceros with his heart and mind set on destroying all mankind, for super long stretches, all while averaging 44 MPG. And dude played the full 48 three different times in the series. The Jimbo went very hard.

Then the blogosphere becomes entranced with The Duke of P.M.W. Grantland’s Zach Lowe, basketball’s King Solomon, couldn’t heap enough praise. This kid, the 30th pick in the draft, came in and turned everything on its head.

Now it’s a backcourt to be terrified of. It’s a shot creator to put alongside Rose. Somebody that could, potentially, finally take some of the pressure off. It’s another defensive minded pest to stick on the perimeter that’ll pull out the clamps and master-lock a dude from sea to shining sea. A guy that will allow Deng to not have to play as many hard minutes, and one that can take over the stopper role when necessary if Deng needs a breather.

The dude has his priorities in order. He has every capability of looking like an extra in True Grit if given the opportunity. He doesn’t sleep on olive pants and white jacket combinations. He’s a defensive minded guard-forward after Thibs’ own heart. And he’s prime for a special year. Yee-haw.

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