An Emergency Feel Good For Thunder Fans


I’ve never had someone kick me in the groin, throw me down onto a bed of nails, then poop in my mouth while snapping all of my Boy Meets World DVD’s, but I imagine it feels about how Thunder fans feel after finding out Russell Westbrook tore his meniscus.

Injuries suck. They suck so much. The man who’d never missed a game will now miss one in the midst of the Thunder’s most important playoff ever. For once, I’d imagine Thunder fans are hoping that Russ has some Metta World Peace to him.

So where to go and what to do? I’d imagine some will visit bars. Some will find solace through watching these. Some will go buy red glasses without lenses.

We’ll just give you this video made by Jason Gallagher and hope it makes you smile.

Thanks to Matthias from Southern California for having all of the soul in all of the world. 

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