America’s Undecided Voter


Lately, a lot of jokes have been made about them, but there are REAL undecided voters out there.

The Issues that matter:


 “Will either candidate make it mandatory for me to sign a contract extension before the trade deadline?”

Social Issues

“I want a candidate who supports my right to choose stuff … no matter how long that takes.”


“Sometimes when I play basketball and things don’t go my way, I don’t like to give a lot of energy.   Will one of the candidates have my back on this.”

Health Care

“Speaking of backs… if my back starts hurting again – who’s going to do something about that?”

Foreign Policy

“Would either candidate require me to pass the ball to Pau, even if I don’t feel like it?”


 “Who will fight for me to make sure that I always have a job and Stan won’t?”

I still don’t know…

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