All Star Weekend: Sunday Report

all star sunday

My game plan today is a mixture of stalling until the “real” “game” time, people watching in the French Quarter and staying off my feet as much as I can. There was so much walking around this weekend that it’s entirely possible that fans who attempted to do everything covered more total distance than the NBA players did in Sunday’s game. This is because the Convention Center (site of Jam Session) is a mile long (that’s not a joke) and the action at the Smoothie King Center was so action packed that fans were constantly jumping on their feet and pacing back and forth to deal with the on-court action (joke).

 Pre-game People Watching


This guy had a card hustle operating on Canal Street. He was very good at it and it was difficult to tell who was in on it and who wasn’t. The crowd was huge which was good because when the cops came the man in charge made a clean getaway. People wearing Knicks gear were losing the most money while a guy wearing a giant Minnesota All-Star Weekend leather jacket appeared to win a thousand dollars. P.S. I hope I don’t get stabbed for writing about this.



All-Star Weekend Sneaker Pop-Up Shop Power Rankings:

5. Foot Action (not even a DJ and it felt like I was trespassing)

4. Official NBA Store (saw some cool stuff here like 10,000 Kevin Durant jerseys and 0 Anthony Davis jerseys)

3. Payless Shoe Source (this is a joke but what if they actually attempted something here, that would be better than the JC Penny Super Bowl twitter glove thing)

2. Nike (They compared Lebron James to an Alligator in an art display and his shoes look like alligator shoes kind of)

1. Adidas (the above art installation is really good and helped me realize that the 2008 All-Star New Orleans logo was a drum)


Game Time Game Watching


Behind the scenes at the Smoothie King Center, I got a chance to mingle with the Eastern Conference starters. Lebron James was a joyful human being, knocking a boom mic out of his face several times. Paul Milsap was straight chilling, not worrying about a damn thing. This team was obviously focused on one thing and that was scoring exactly 163 points in the game. They knew that if they could manage to do that that they would win. Chris Bosh laughed a lot at Lebron’s jokes.

I know that you people out there really want pictures of the stellar cuisine at the Smoothie King Center and since I’m not interested in getting dismantled in the comments, here’s some crab cake sliders that I dismantled sometime in the first quarter.


Presented without comment except that I participated without receiving actual bobblehead. What good is a virtual bobblehead?


Post Game


I left the game a tad early to beat traffic and begin working on my project “Why All-Star Weekend should be in New Orleans every year forever and ever”. Cab drivers weren’t lined up quite yet but a pedi-cab driver was and I jumped on. He started signing the “peanut butter jelly time” song as soon as he started pedaling. It was a stupid ending to an amazing weekend.


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