All-Star Weekend: Saturday Report

john wall

I woke up Saturday morning around 1:00 in the afternoon. My heart skipped a beat and my hands were shaking – I almost slept through the D-League All-Star Game. You’re right, 1:00 is no longer morning and there is no such thing as a D-League All-Star Game. I got in a cab and zoomed away.


D-League All-Star Game

 D League

Boost Mobile was the sponsor of the event, which was 100% free at the convention center. You just needed a Jam Session ticket and 2 hours to kill. Hundreds of Boost Mobile employees had time to kill because they were everywhere. I didn’t have a lot of time to kill as I am attempting to be everywhere but I made time because

  1. I haven’t seen a D-League game since that time I snuck onto the floor at an Austin Toros game
  2. I was hoping Pierre Jackson would go Wilt Chamberlain and felt like I needed to be there
  3. There was a dunk contest which – call it a hunch – I felt would be better than the “real” dunk contest.


D-League Dunk Contest

 d league dunk

This was a lot of fun. Mainly because there was no time limit for the entire event and it probably needed one since it took place at halftime of the game. The MC was talking a lot, the players were demanding the clock restart if they weren’t ready and every dunk was followed by long bouts of celebration by all of the players from the game who, by the way, were not in any sort of locker room. They were just there on the court. It was chaotic, it was weird and all of these things contributed to the contest having a gritty feel to it. In the photo above, a guy you can’t see is throwing the ball to another guy who’s about to dunk it. The reason you can’t see the first guy is because he left the room and stood behind a curtain. Good job, D-League.




In order of importance.


Saturday Night

 saturday night

The Shooting Stars Challenge had a lot more heat behind it than you would think. The crowd was into it and neither Dominique Wilkins or Karl Malone understood completely that the event was a timed challenge. The Skills Challenge made a lot of people on Twitter mad because it’s not crazy enough or something and those same people loved the Three-Point Shootout which is the least crazy thing that happens during the All-Star Break. It’s less crazy than the referee happy hour. The dunk contest was amusing and confusing. Congrats to John Wall on his victory and to Vince Carter on still being Vince Carter.

One more day to go – my MVP prediction for Sunday’s game, by the way, is Anthony Davis. He’ll score 0 points but have 29 blocks. You know the saying, Defense Wins All-Star Game MVP’s.

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