All-Star Weekend: Friday Report

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Between guzzling beignet after beignet while holding a Big Ass Beer and trying on every hat at every single pop-up shop in the French Quarter, I did some official NBA All-Star activities today. I found an outlet in the storage room at the casino and while my phone charges and my blisters heal, I’ll be jotting down some observations on the All-Star activities that took place Friday, February 14th. As soon as it’s charged up, I’m busting back out to ride a streetcar with some D-League mascots.


Jam Session

jam session

I’m a big fan of food, a bigger fan of basketball and the biggest fan of New Orleans. So I’m thrilled that the Arena Smoothie King Center as well as the Convention Center has some celebrity chef influence in the building. Here’s what the BBQ looks like:


 Other highlights of Jam Session include:

  • Is your hand as big as Deron Williams’ hand? (Almost)
  • Please buy a Sprint phone
  • Pop-a-Shot is as popular as it ever was
  • Seriously, we got these phones


Sprint Celebrity Spring All-Star Sprint


 Imagine the most scalpers you’ve ever seen at an NBA event. Now, I have no access to your imagination but I want you to understand how many scalpers were outside of the Marc Morial Convention Center today moments before the Celebrity Game started. Maybe fifty. Is that how many you were imagining? Look, let’s quit playing games – there were more scalpers than you would think outside of the Sprint Celebrity All-Star Game.

Also, they should seriously consider putting someone like Kevin Hart in this game. I bet he’d be pretty good and also hilarious. The announcers could do cute little skits with him and it would be pretty good and hilarious too.


BBVA Rising Stars Challenge

trophy drop

Andrew Drummond outplayed everyone on the court for a long time because maybe he was the only one playing. Dion Waiters and Tim Hardaway Jr. did a thing and it was awesome. Tim Hardaway Sr. was on a big screen looking down on this phone after one of Tim Jr.’s big moments. Later, the MVP trophy fell and broke during the presentation to Andre Drummond.

My phone is charged.  You get some sleep, I’m going to go stand outside of Kenny Smith’s TNT party.


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