All Star Events That Didn’t Make The Cut

all star

Ballerball has obtained a list of some events that did not make the cut


1. Amnesty Battle Royale- There are currently ten players who are still eligible to amnestied.


  • Kendrick Perkins

  • Rajon Rondo

  • Nick Collison

  • Carlos Boozer

  • Tony Parker

  • Zach Randolph

  • Al Horford

  • Joakim Noah

  • Kevin Durant

  • Mike Conley

We put them in a WWE ring have them battle it out. Royal Rumble Rules. Winner gets Allan Houston’s old contract.  My money is on Rondo.

2. Father/Son Argument Pavillion –  An interactive pavilion where fathers can tell their sons how the game has changed for the worse and no one works hard and everyone has too many tattoos. The sons get to talk about how at least current players aren’t on cocaine.

3. Jason Collins Meets all the GMs:  This a fun event where every GM has to tell Jason Collins how their team couldn’t use a big man with a wonderful basketball IQ and who is a great locker room influence for the veterans minimum.

4. Statistics Centre! – This is like a mini Sloan Conference where experts get to tell you that you really don’t know anything about basketball. There are games, snacks, and everyone finds out that Greg Monroe should actually be the MVP for some reason!


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