All Pelicans Everything – Q & A with a New Orleans Expert

As you all may know, the New Orleans Hornets have officially changed their logo and name to the Pelicans.  That got me thinking – we haven’t discussed the state of the Hornets in a while.  So to help us evaluate, we brought in New Orleans Hornets writer and expert, Chris Trew, who writes for   (@christrew) .
1. I know things are exciting in New Orleans over the name change and new logo, but there are very real basketball issues to be discussed.  What do you think is the biggest improvement the Hornets need to make right now?
TrewI think what most of us in New Orleans are concerned with is whether or not the team will still use the Mardi Gras jerseys. Those things are sweet and we all love them so very much.
2. You are an expert.  Answer like an expert, please.  What do you think the biggest weakness is to this Hornets team?
TrewWhat other NBA team has a special jersey for a road trip they must take because their city throws a massive crazy important party? The Bulls don’t wear circus jerseys for their road trip and the Spurs don’t wear silly rodeo uniforms. Don’t forget the Mardi Gras jerseys!
3. Ugh… we won’t.  Anthony Davis has been wonderful on the defensive end, but some say he needs to be more involved on offense.  What would you like to see more of from Davis on the offensive end?
TrewEither an Anthony Davis one or a Ryan Anderson one, not totally sure yet. But I’m definitely getting all of the hats and the warm-up suit as soon as it’s available.
4. Do me a favor.  Throw the “expert” thing out the window.  Just try to be an adult.  I know it’s early but do you see any real potential for Austin Rivers to become a star in this league?
Trew Probably, but I would only wear it on special occasions like when we play the Celtics.  
5. I’ll give you $100 to answer this, for real.  What kind are some long term changes the team needs to make to take it to the next level?
TrewMardi Gras.

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