All NBA – Presidential Cabinet


It’s election day! We got to thinking, whichever candidate wins, they’ll need some hard working cabinet members. Why not consider professional basketball players?  Here are the lead candidates for each department

Department of the Defense: Tyson Chandler

A firm believer in protection by any means necessary. Also has a pretty strong ‘no fly zone.’


Department of Justice – Matt Barnes

Are you looking at one of his teammates weird? Get ready for Matt Barnes in your face. 


Department of Agriculture: Chris Kaman 

I mean…



Department of Commerce: Kevin Garnett 

Intensity runs in Kevin’s blood especially when it comes to that cash/money.  He has the highest career earner in NBA history with $328,562,398. 


Department of Labor: Kobe Bryan

He works hard and he knows a lot about wasteful spending. Perfect. 


Department of Interior: Serge Ibaka

Solely based on swats. No diplomacy needed


Department of Health: Steve Nash

He will have us all on sugar free diets in no time.


Department of Transportation: Russell Westbrook

He can move from one place to the other faster than anyone you know. That’s what this position is all about, right?


Department of Energy: Nick Collison

If there was a dept of charges, he’d head that up too.


Department of Education: Greg Popivich

Best teacher in the game?


 White House Spokesperson: Jason Terry 

He’s a talker… 


United States Trade Representative: Chris Gatling

Been traded 8 times in his career. Poor guy.  



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