Advertising & the NBA: Larry Sanders


It’s smarter to try to enter the Wu-Tang than it is to try and enter his lane and the FBI was after those guys so you tell me how raw, rugged and raw, Larry Sanders is in the paint. You’ll soon leave your hope abandoned, left on the side of the road in the middle of the Mojave Desert with no water, shoes, or Cliff Bars.


Larry Sanders should be the spokesperson for Coppertone. He just should. He blocks basketballs and sunscreen blocks the sun so you tell me that’s not a perfect marriage of person and product and I’ll tell you that you’re a liar and you should go jump off the Bradley Center roof.

The man leads the association in blocks. I mean, he has a YouTube video titled “Larry Sanders’ Block Party’ that’s just him erasing shot after shot after dunk attempt. Swats on swats on Virginia Commonwealth-y swats.

Bathing suit season will be upon the world in a flash. It’ll sidle up to us and rear its sometimes ugly head and the pale people of the world will go out into the sunshine and need all the protection they can get so they don’t wind up looking a few unhealthy shades of Clipper red. Why not let the man who protects the rim better than anyone else help sell the sunscreen that protects your skin better than the rest?

Spring is rapidly approaching and with that comes spring break and with that comes fun in the big burning star in the sky that releases UV radiation like whoa. It’s time for Coppertone to stop resting on its haunches while the world burns. Get Larry and get a campaign going and protect the world’s skin.


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