“A Recap in Ruins” by Nic Pizzolatto

Occasionally, Ballerball will allow non-traditional basketball people to write about the game we all love. We’re like “The Player’s Tribune” but without the robots. Today’s guest is Nic Pizzolatto, writer of True Detective. He’s here to recap Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Enjoy!

“A Recap in Ruins” by Nic Pizzolatto

There’s an imbalance in the series. Superior vs. inferior or superior vs. less superior? I’ll explore this along with many other observations you couldn’t see without my help. Cut to…

Important Observation 1: 

One team holds an advantage over the other. Others… creeping. There’s a metaphorical crow holding a mangled carcass above her children. Question is, will she drop the mouse or keep it for herself?  I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never seen a man starve to death – not in the flesh. Tonight might be that night…. and I believe the Warriors will win. 

Important Observation 2:

Don’t miss it. Stephen Curry plays off the ball in this sequence. Moving… always moving. Eyes surveying the court. Behind him stands an 47 year old woman about 3 rows behind the baseline. Tall – thin – long dark hair. Her eyes scream of tragedy. She’s been alone her entire life even though she’s surrounded at all times. You may think she’s not crucial to the outcome of the game but think again. Her mouth is dry. She turns to see a man with his arm around another. The thought of touch disgusts her. Steph makes the 3. 

Important Observation 3: 

The play of JR Smith is perplexing. He’s a good man. Then he’s not a good man. 


Important Observation 4:

 Establishing shot from above. The court is a hedge maze and I’m the little girl skipping along-side it.  One can’t help but notice the rectangle beneath the basket or ‘the key.’  It’s not coincidence that this space is called “the key.” Two sides containing 4 hash marks on either side. The number 4 is meant to invoke creation of the sun, moon and stars by a higher power. What does it all mean? I’m not going to tell you, I’m going to show you with words. Creation… creation of a new possession, in it’s most perfect form begins and ends with a made basket. Each hash is one step closer to our ultimate retribution. It all begins at the basket. LeBron knows this. 

Important Observation 5: 

Keeping up? Of course you are. An important possession takes place for Andre Iguodala but to fully understand the magnitude of the sequence, we must revisit Darla. Remember her? The 47 year old woman who’s name I failed to mention from before. To the left of her sits Rocky – a man who bleeds false confidence. His guest is a former porn star named Shooting Star. She’s never had a Chirstmas. 

Rocky’s bastard son sits at home, wondering what happened to his damn ticket. It doesn’t matter because his son was a mistake that was conceived years ago in Atlantic City. The mayor of Atlantic City has been playing the game for far too long. Millions worth of sterling silver – gone missing. Where is the silver? 

I assure you, the answer to this question will determine the outcome of the play, the game and the NBA for the next 50 years.

Surprise, the mayor is sitting with Victor, who is now on the opposite side of the court as Darla. Rocky believes he’s found love in Shooting Star and for this reason, he wears his only suit – black with white pinstripes and a dark green shirt underneath. Ricky’s cufflinks has a silhouette of a lion’s head on it. They were given to him by the Tin Man after a night out with a prostitute. The elevator doors screen is set and Klay misses the shot. 

Important Observation 6:

TD shot chart

TD Shot Chart 2

Important Observation 7:

Tristain Thompson has an erection in his heart. 

Important Observation 8:

Keep focus. Don’t let the noise distract you. The game is on the line. Everything I’ve told you is more important than anything you’ll ever learn.

Darla hears the pounding of the base over the loud speakers. She’s reminded that hearing is the worst of all senses. “You can choose not to taste, touch, see. Hearing though. That’s a curse without a choice.” she tells an unsuspecting beer vendor. Iggy with the ball fake. Her hands begin to sweat until she’s reminded of an incident that occurred when she was 7 years old. 


That’s no unsuspecting beer vendor. It’s Matthew Dellavedova in a chipmunk mask. 

Warriors win (but the universe is still lost)


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