5 vs. 5 – Jeopardy Style


Five of our NBA experts answer five NBA related questions.

Here’s the catch:

All answers must be in the form of a questions – because the questions themselves are simple answers.   Our experts  guess what the question is that’s being asked based on the answer given.

Our experts include: Jason Gallagher, Ben Fort, Wade Browning, Colt Westbrook, and Tyler Parker.  

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TODAY’S TOPIC : Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

*Tonight the Lakers play the Thunder.   I’ll answer first so I can set the tone to make sure everyone answers seriously.  Here we go!


1.  I’m going to say the Thunder.  Any other answer is silly.

  • Gallagher – Between the Thunder and the Lakers, which team is most likely to win the Western Conference this year?
  • Fort – Which of these two teams is in better position for the big free agency of 2021-2022?
  • Browning – In all seriousness, between the Lakers and the Thunder, which mascot name, if spelled backwards, more accurately describes slang for a red-headed male human? (Hint: also a source of protein).
  • Westbrook – Which of the two teams playing tonight is from Oklahoma City?
  • Parker – Which of these teams liked the movie Twister more?

2. This one is tough, but without a doubt it’s Dwight Howard.

  • Gallagher – On the Lakers, who really needs to step their game up?
  • Fort – Dwight has quickly been losing fans. Who would you say is his strongest remaining supporter?
  • Browning – Which NBA player is a walking Twighlight movie, proving that there is still a battle between body and mind, specifically an NBA player with the body of a superhero and the mind of an insecure tween-age girl?
  • Westbrook – Take the two starting centers tonight; Howard and Perkins.  Which one do you think is Dwight Howard?
  • Parker – Who is most likely to cry at the end of Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be”?

3. There is only one real answer here and that answer is Perkins and Collison.

  • Gallagher – Which big man duo has been most effective for their team?
  • Fort – Which two teammates filed adoption paperwork together in September, only to have it blocked by David Stern?
  • Browning – You just woke up from a horrible nightmare and can’t sleep, but luckily you live in a huge mansion with the OKC Thunder roster. What two names are you going to yell to come sleep with you and tell you everything’s going to be ok?
  • Westbrook – Which two Thunder teammates have joint custody of a sugar glider named “Todd”?
  • Parker – Lethal Weapon: The College Years. Who stars in it?

4.  Yes and No.  At this point, I could see that happening but you just never know.

  • Gallagher – Do you see the Lakers actually missing the playoffs?
  • Fort – Will Kobe and Metta be able to put aside the bad blood from the second round of the 2009 playoffs?
  • Browning – A couple of weeks ago, we saw Kevin Love and DeMarcus Cousins both get called for fouls that cancelled each other out, resulting in nothing. If this happened to seasoned complainers Dwight Howard and Kendrick Perkins, they could shrug it off, or do we see a temper tantrum with both man rolling around on the floor?
  • Westbrook – LAL has the proven, and classic talent but can’t seem to find a victorious flow while OKC has the young-buck spirit but has had trouble proving themselves consistent with their all-star praise.  Analysts are saying that what this game is going to come down to is whichever team can manage to put the most points on the board before the clock runs out of time.  OKC has done it more times this season than LAL; you think they got this one?
  • Parker – Does Steve Blake have a shrine to Mike D’Antoni’s mustache in his closet like Helga did for Arnold in the hit Nickelodeon cartoon “Hey, Arnold!” ?

5.  True.  That’s the easiest question anyone has ever asked me in my entire life.

  • Gallagher – True or False:  Kevin Durant is the best player on the floor when those two teams play.
  • Fort –  True or False: The Lakers and Thunder will meet in the NBA Finals
  • Browning – You score some excellent seats to this game actually next to Steve Blake who is injured and in street clothes. True or False, you never recognize he is an NBA player and wonder if he’s the cousin of the Lakers Gatorade and towel guy.
  • Westbrook – True or False: Metta believes that when he sneezes, justice mist comes out and helps lubricate situations to move his way.
  • Parker – True or False. Robert Sacre owns an autographed copy of the Never Say Never DVD.

Thanks for joining us!

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