5 NBA Twitter Bios That I Love: Playoffs Edition



As the playoffs unfold, it’s time to revisit NBA Twitter Bios I Love, this time scouring the Twitter bios of playoff rosters to find those special, uncovered insights. The list is as follows:

1.  DeJuan Blair

chan blair

Fine, Dejuan, have it your way. But, just know, if I don’t see that you added an elbow jumper to your LinkedIn skills & expertise, I’m not going to apologize!


2.  Kent Bazemore (*traded but I love this too much to exclude it)

chan bazemore

For those of your who don’t know your Good Book, 2 Corinthians10:17 reads: “Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord..” So, you know….like turning your last name into a verb. #Bazemoring #The TigerWithin?


3.  Steven Adams

chan adams

Yes, Steven, perfect country. Well, you know, other than the fact that you can’t make two million dollars a year playing a child’s game there, and the fact that your lifelong dream has made it so that you now have to live on the complete other side of the world. Besides those small details, perfect country.


4. Michael Beasley

chan beasley

You don’t need Kirk Goldsberry to explain someone’s career shot selection when you’ve got 14 words like “Why tell you think u know…. I’m me by choice EASY ST. CREW.” You keep chucking it out there, Michael!


5. Kevin Love

chan love

The joke here is the idea that Kevin Love could be in the playoffs. Muahahahahahahaha.

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