3-FOR-1: Dirk’s Experience, LeBron & Juvenile and Adam Silver’s Sleeved Jerseys

APphoto_NBA All Star Preperation

There were just too many important stories from All Star Weekend in New Orleans so we condensed three of our favorites down into one blog post.  



Dirk Nowitzki’s All Star Experience

In the highest scoring All Star game in history ( 163-155) Dirk Nowitzki managed to put up o points on 0-2 shooting.  On top of that, he didn’t play at all in the entire second half.

Luckily, Dirk agreed to wear a helmet cam to record some of the game from his perspective.  Check it out!

Dirk Cam 1

dirk bored

Dirk Cam 2

Dirk Hand

Dirk Cam 3

Dirk House of Cards



Adam Silver and the Sleeved Jerseys

Commissioner Adam Silver addressed the media on Saturday evening to discuss such topics as tanking, international basketball, and most importantly, sleeved jerseys.

“The idea behind them was that presuming there was a large segment of our fan base, especially older males like myself, who weren’t going to be comfortable wearing tank‑top jerseys but would feel comfortable wearing a sleeved jersey to work out or play basketball in or whatever else.” – Adam Silver

Mr. Silver believed in this statement so much that after the press conference, he offered to model one of the sleeved jerseys to show just how cool and comfortable he looks.

As you can see, the commissioner looks totally normal and not at all weird.  Just a normal guy wearing a normal shirt.

Silver Jersey



LeBron and Juvenile: “Back That Azz Up”

LeBron and Juvenile! #AllStar2014

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Analysis from Zane Rush:


February 17, 2014 – LeBron James had the opportunity of a lifetime.  To finally show the world that he is better than Kevin Durant by beating him in the All Star Game.  Instead, he decided to hang out with some juvenile named Juvenile??!  YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!

The song that these two are singing is called “Back That Azz Up.”  I’m not psychiatrist but I think there’s something a little deeper to LeBron singing THAT song.  Maybe LeBron is just talking about a regular azz that he wishes to be backed away from his person.  OR MAYBE THE TERM “AZZ” MEANS KEVIN DURANT!

This is a cry for help from LeBron, pleading with Durant to stop being so dominate because hes making him look bad.  It’s sad.  It’s pathetic.  And if LeBron doesn’t start getting more and more focused, “that azz” is going to be all up in his face!

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