The 2012-2013 New York Knicks Edition of CLUE

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The 2012-2013 New York Knicks Edition of CLUE! (Presented by Parker Brothers)

Irrational blame.  It’s one of our great American sports pastime.  There’s nothing like a father taking his son to his first ball game, buying him a hot dog, and blaming everyone and everything around him for his team’s failures.

Someone must be blamed for the death of the 2012-2013 Knicks season.  That’s where this wonderful game of CLUE comes in.

Now you and your friends can play detective and join in on the fun!  We need your help to find the culprit, blame them with harsh criticisms and bring them to justice.  Time to play a classic game of “Who Done It?”

Let’s Begin!


The Characters

Cast of Characters


The Weapons


The Scene (Same as normal game)

clue board


Now that we have all of the pieces necessary, let’s take a look at some different scenarios for the outcome of the game.


Scenario #1

Melo in the Ballroom

Assessing blame to Carmelo Anthony is like blaming Ben Franklin for your glasses fogging up.  No Franklin = No Glasses.  No Melo = No Success.

The biggest concern with Carmelo is his repeated inability to lead some very talented teams to the finals.   We can’t quite put our finger on why he hasn’t been able to do this.  Could it be coincidence?  Perhaps.

We can tell you one thing, in the closing quarter of the Knicks 2012-2013 season, Carmelo refused to pay attention to the rest of his team (who happened to be shooting quite well).   Iman Shumpert (who was En Fuego) didn’t get one single shot in the 4th.  The primary ball handler was… Melo.  The result of all this hero ball?  Several late game turnovers and one disgusting block by Roy Hibbert.

In those particular closing minutes, if other choices had been made then maybe we aren’t even playing CLUE.  Maybe we’re playing Candy Land or something.


Scenario #2


This is the least likely scenario.  Mike Woodson is a Coach of the Year candidate who revolutionized the Knicks offense with some very innovative lineups.

Innovation went completely out the window for this Pacers series though.  For some foreign reason, Woodson went with that bigger lineup, which is the complete opposite of what was working for him in during the glory days of the regular season.  You know what they say, save the best for the… regular season?

Woodson threw a number of different riddles our way throughout this series including, opting to play Amare meaningful minutes, (minutes that should have gone to Copeland) He also played a little too much of the ice cold, Jason Kidd.

This series was tight and could have been taken to a Game 7, if some more logical adjustments would have been made.


Scenario #3


We could have also used Rihanna as the weapon, but there is no card for her.

This one is pretty simple.  J.R. Smith was awful in this series.  He managed to average 13.5 points on 28.9 percent shooting.

Our jaws dropped when Smith would make these ridiculous shots in the regular season, but now… well our jaws are still dropped, only they are saying words like “SWEET MOTHER, STOP SHOOTING!”


Scenario #4


This is our most likely scenario, filled with failing sharp shooters and less than able bodies.  Glen Grunwald decided that the best people to surround Carmelo Anthony with are old man and streaky shooters.

Can we finally all join hands and declare as one nation that regular season hot shooting will eventually cease to exist in the playoffs?  I cannot believe that so many GMs continue to bank on deep shooting as a recipe for championships.  It’ll win you a game, maybe even a series… but even the best-of-the-best (WARRIORS) will fall in the playoffs.

While veteran leadership is a good thing to have on your team in small doses, the Knicks decided they’d fill a large chunk of roster space for veteran leadership.  Maybe it’s because they thought the more vets, the better the team?   Who knows.

Jason Kidd is the biggest example of both old age and cold shooting and therefore we’ve concluded that he assisted Grunwald in this crime.  Kidd has been worse than awful in these playoffs, yet he continued to get high minutes because that’s about all that the Knicks had to roll with.

All-in-all, this Knicks failure falls on the shoulders of Grunwald.


Now that you know how to play, grab some buds and some buds and enjoy yourself some CLUE.  There are so many scenarios not mentioned including Tyson Chandler’s lack of defense and Spike Lee… being Spike Lee.   The possibilities of blame are endless and fun for the whole family.


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