Smee was a funny looking guy and a terrible pitcher. He was great at stomping on stairs and making red carpet come out of them. He took all of Hook’s jewels and treasure. Kind of a jerk thing to do, but it takes all kinds, guys.  That has nothing to do with anything, though. Just wanted to talk about Smee for a bit.


I want “bangarang” to become a celebratory word shouted after great basketball plays. We’ve held onto the classic American standards for too long. We have not evolved. We are dying, creatively speaking. “Wow” and “cool” and “awesome” and “ohhhh” are played out. Our verbal reactions need to change. So, let’s start a movement. Let’s change the world.

Dudes, Urban dictionary agrees. The three definitions are below.

1. Battle cry of the Lost Boys in the movie Hook.
2. Jamaican slang defined as a hubbub, uproar, disorder, or disturbance.
3. General exclamation meant to signify approval or amazement.

Look at number three, everyone. Just look at it. Validation from one of the greatest publications of our time. Here’s to signifying approval and amazement.


I want to be clear. This has nothing to do with Skrillex. Matter of fact, this has less than nothing to do with Skrillex. This has everything to do with Hook and Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Rufio (Rufeeyo Rufeeyo RU-FEE-OOOOOOOO) and Robin Williams shout it throughout the movie once Peter learns how to fly and fight and crow.

Aside: There’s also an INCREDIBLE basketball scene in that movie that is extraordinarily under appreciated that YouTube doesn’t have. I can only assume the Internet is dying.

Anyways, I’m saying, Kevin Durant hits a game winner, then run around your house shouting “bangarang”. Blake Griffin Mozgovs someone, then stand, put your hands on your head to keep it from exploding, and scream “bangarang.”

Imagine Kevin Harlan yelling that word.

Think about Reggie Miller going on his 8 points in 9 seconds rampage and instead of “Boom, Baby!” or “Yes!”, you hear “bangarang!”.

It can catch on, America. It can. Start unleashing this word upon the worlds you celebrate within.

It must be a grassroots campaign. It must be organic. Let it start in the playgrounds and the school gymnasiums. Then let it bleed into the college game where Dickie V can love on it. Then we’ll hear it from one of the emcees at Rucker. Then, one day, Marv Albert says “bangarang” instead of “Yes!” and the world collapses in on itself and we all die happy. This is a modern day Frindle, you guys. And if you don’t know what that is, google the word “frindle”. Then you’ll read about it and be all, This IS like Frindle.

We can do it together, my friends.


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